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Desegregation of the kitty cat nation

So, the vet was thrilled with Suki's progress, saying she had expected this kind of health not today, but a week from today. She said she'd been really scared for Suki!!

She also gave her the all-clear for cohabitation. So we are all together now. And I need advice!!! Qat Questions under the Qut.

At first they both seemed to be chasing each other around equally (okay, Lirin was following Suki a bit more than Suki was following Lirin). It was mostly about Lirin jumping on Suki and Suki bopping Lirin across the room (in one case, upside down into the litter box). But Lirin remained undaunted.

The problem is, Suki is now Over It. She has now hissed quite a few times, growled (yes, growled) once, and looks thoroughly ticked whenever Lirin goes be-bopping into "her" room - which is of course where Lirin wants to be most. Suki, naturally, still seems to think of the guest room as "hers" and I don't want it to be a cat room at all; that was NOT the plan! Of course, the only way I can keep Lirin out of that room is by shutting Suki in.

So, do I leave them alone and let them sort it out? Am I being overly protective of Suki's rights? I can't be constantly putting her in that room and shutting the door, especially as I would like it to be a guest room again at some point. And Suki doesn't want her access to the house cut off, she just doesn't want Lirin in her room. She just has nowhere to retreat when Lirin gets too frisky.

Will Lirin learn to leave Suki the hell alone when Suki doesn't want to play? Will Suki learn to tolerate Lirin? I think she's really stressed out right now. She's also been doing a trilling sort of meow-purr at me, like she wants something, but I have no idea what it is she wants. *sigh* I fail at cat-mommying.

Tell me what to do... try to arrange time outs for Suki? or let them sort it out on their own?

I await your wisdom, oh Neko-samas.

Right now Suki is on a blanket on a stack of unpacked boxes right behind my computer chair in the office. Lirin is shut in the bedroom. This arrangement suits Suki fine and suits me, as I can reach back and pat her, but she doesn't try to get on the keyboard or in front of the 'puter (she is a very mature and mellow cat for just 10 months), but this arrangement won't suit Lirin for long. Lirin isn't allowed in the 'puter room as she gets into little nooks and crannies I can't get her out of again. I don't want to be constantly shutting cats into various rooms for time outs... and I don't know if it is ultimately good for them to do so. But I repeat!

some photos as a reward:

Exploring... (tentatively)


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