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Yes, it is another cat update. I'm well on my way to "crazy cat lady"

I went to the vets and saw Suki this afternoon and I was shocked in a wonderful way at how well she looked. She was wide eyed and meowy and patted at me through the bars and rubbed up against my hand and seemed generally happy to see me. She was clean and non-snotty and breathing well. In fact, had it not been for the IV hookup on her paw, I wouldn't have known she was even ill. The vet did want to keep her one more night until her fever comes down a bit more, but she is responding really well to the new antibiotics and appears to be out of danger. (I hesitate to say it out of superstition, but I can't withhold good news from you guys just because I'm paranoid).

Lirin is still sneezy, but active. Also... veeeery small kitty/veeery big gas. No more tuna for baby. Eaugh.

Again thank you soooooooooooooo much for your kind thoughts. I think they have really helped.
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