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Cat Update

Lirin was very stuffy and sneezy last night and this a.m. She is still eating and playing however. She is not a lap cat as much as a neck cat. She gets on my chest or shoulder while I'm watching t.v. or reading and wodges herself under my chin. It is like having a fluffy, warm, fur stole wrapped around my throat. One that purrs. And sneezes directly in my face every few minutes for variety.

Suki's fever is down and she's eating for the vet. The vet would feel better were she to stay one more night, however. They are going to check and see if they have a cage for me. I'm stopping by to pick up the new antibiotic for Lirin (the one that has been working on Suki) and if they haven't found a cage, I'll go buy one and have the afternoon today (we get off early) to set up the guest quarters for M'lady Sukiyaki.

So both cats should be home tomorrow and will be separated for three to five days depending on mucous outputs. The vet says there isn't much I can do about Suki sleeping in her litter box if that is what she wants to do. Oh, well. I'll try to at least provide her with a cozy alternative or two.

Love you all - keep up the good thoughts; I think they are working!!!
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